Information and history about El Trascacho

El Trascacho has been a winery producing wines until the end of the 1980's. It retains all the essence of the old cellars of the XIX century. Visiting it is like making a trip to past times. Its patio, its wine cellars, its cave have the same appearance that they could have more than 100 years ago. In all its corners you can find details and objects that double our age and that were used by our ancestors.

For many years, its owner Andrés Cejudo López made this winery an icon of the native culture of La Mancha and Valdepeñas. For his merits and contribution to the development of the local culture Andrés Cejudo López was named honorary citizen of Valdepeñas. Andrés Cejudo López, together with other friends, founded the literary artistic group El Trascacho, whose headquarters for almost the entire life of Andrés was this winery, and whose name was also inspired by it.

Wine Tasting

Our winery El Trascacho is only 2 hours away from Madrid. We offer guided tours of the winery and exciting wine tasting, where we provide Spanish tapas to the wines. A professional sommelier will immerse with you into the world of wine. You will taste fine, regional wines that are otherwise hard to find. In addition, through our own local tour operator, Taste of La Mancha, we offer more culinary experiences (such as tasting olive oil and Manchego cheese, visiting wineries in Valdepeñas) and activities in the area.


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The winery

The winery's patio is decorated in typical Valdepeñas style which was common more than 100 years ago. The wine cellar retains the same structure as when it was in use.


Wine Tasting

Discover our entertaining, culinary wine tastings conducted by a professional sommelier.


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